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Arcade Games

GHG Arcade Games are an online gaming platform designed to seamlessly integrate the Blockchain and leverage the Telegram messaging application, whilst preserving anonymity and and practicality.

If a player has a sufficient number of GHG tokens associated with a Telegram account connected to the Gaming bot, they can play any of the games offered and win the valuable Prizes and Jackpots, directly in Telegram Messenger.

Game Types

After the launch, the GHG platform will focus mostly on making Arcade type games. In the future, as the platform develops, it will also focus on NFT games and tournaments, with valuable prizes.

Game Jackpot

With each play of some of the higher difficulty Arcade games, players have a chance of winning a Game’s Progressive Jackpot, which is tied to a specific game and stake. The prize includes parts of lost fees from all players who played that game and increases until someone wins. It is paid out in the form of GHG tokens.