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GigaHash Gaming (GHG)

GHG is a ERC-20 token based on the Polygon network, a side chain to the Ethereum network. Which ensures that our project is scalable, cheap, fast and secure, enabling investors of every size to participate in a decentralized manner.

GHG has much faster transactional speeds in comparison to Bitcoin. It is highly-secure and completely managed by computers, thereby eliminating the possibility for human error. In addition to these major technological improvements, it is optimal for investors and is specifically designed to bring holders a return on their initial investment, as well as long-term passive income.

Main Token Functions

GHG is deflationary and recycable token which is built for maximum efficiency and utility. The main functions are shown below.

Deflationary Token: GHG is deflationary token with a certain fee on each transaction, which depends on the token use case.

Token Recycling: GHG token is also a recyclable token, which means that instead of a burn token, it will be returned back to the 777x locked wallet for future payments of lottery prizes.

Incentive Token for Holders: All GHG token holders can count on rewards in the form of GHG reflections, from transaction fees and buy backs from the Treasury.

Treasury: Part of each transaction is sent to the and invested in the largest and well-known crypto platforms for staking and farming, to ensure long-term financial stability for GHG token holders as well as the entire GHG ecosystem.

Token Utility

The GHG token will be the centrepiece of the GigaHash Gaming platform. This includes token transactions within Ecocystem, paying for playing games, paying prizes for winning games, paying reflections for holding GHG tokens, paying royalties, as well as paying for the use of the GHG Gaming Bot by Partner Gaming Services.

With the innovative economic design of tokens and other incentives for developers, players and holders, the best possible decentralized gaming and financial experience on the blockchain will be achieved.

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