Want to learn more about Gigahash? Here is a brief recap of the story so far.

May 2021 saw the birth of Grouper on the BSC chain. A simple lottery concept that sought creative ways to solve the issue facing all cryptocurrency lottery projects, how to succeed when the initial volume fades.

As a project, it had great success and developed a dedicated and enthusiastic team and community committed to innovative ideas. It became quickly apparent that the team had a strong desire to expand the project and build upon its potential.

Throughout the Summer of 2021 the groundwork was laid to create what would become G² Crypto Gaming. This was a project of huge scale. The lottery function was expanded and improved upon but the key feature was the 100% unique custom built gaming bot which would be embedded in Telegram.

The decision was taken to evolve Grouper into G² Crypto Gaming. Grouper was continuing to have great success and at the time of migration was at All Time High as the community became excited for the G² transition.

G² Crypto launched in November 2021 and was a groundbreaking project. Offering a sustainable lottery became just one pillar of an ambitious project. The Gaming Bot was live. It was coded from scratch and still remains a 100% unique utility. These two revenue streams supported the G² Treasury from where lotteries were funded and the G² ecosystem would be supported.

In the Spring of 2022 our first real challenge emerged. It became clear the lottery had been exploited. What initially seemed like a terrible event actually sped up our progress. As the lottery code would be completely rewritten, it was decided that it would be the perfect opportunity to rebrand the project and migrate onto the Polygon network. It was always the intention to rebrand and migrate the project onto Polygon and so the transition became a reality and GigaHashGaming was born.

Follow our blog! Next time we will look in depth at why we chose the Polygon network and the benefits of the migration. We will also look at the roadmap in detail and what will be the next steps in the development of GigaHash Gaming.